Ostrom Climate is one of North America’s leading providers of carbon management solutions.

Climate Crisis

The role of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the climate change crisis is indisputable.

Business-as-usual practices have led to mass extinctions, deforestation, extreme weather, and major food and water scarcities. Although the situation is at its most dire point, Ostrom Climate believes that the worst climate outcomes can still be averted – and we can help. Our purpose is to provide real and effective solutions that enable individuals and organizations to implement sustainable practices and reduce GHG emissions.

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Climate Solutions Advisory

We identify practical and cost-effective climate solutions to support our clients in making the best decisions for their organizations and stakeholders.

Cleantech and Industrial Innovation

We aim to accelerate the transition to scalable low carbon solutions by supporting the development of clean technology projects and advancing clean innovation across all industrial sectors.

Nature-Based Solutions

Our Land Use teams have expertise in bringing effective land use projects to fruition to offset environmental impacts associated with land use, land-use change, and forestry.