Risk Assessment & Adaptation Plan

Undisclosed Mining Client

Undisclosed Mining Client is a diversified base metals mining company primarily producing copper, nickel and zinc. When this project was completed, Undisclosed Mining Client had operations around the world. Ostrom Climate managed the creation of a climate change risk assessment and adaptation plan, which identified areas of climate change vulnerability, and actions to reduce the likelihood and severity of impacts.

Our Involvement

Ostrom Climate managed the identification of potential hazards at the mine site(s) such as flooding, drought, extreme heat, and forest fires, based on scientific observations and projections. Hazards were categorized as minor, moderate, or severe depending on their likelihood and potential consequences. High-level adaptation plans were created for each site to assess their current state of climate resiliency, outline actions to minimize climate vulnerability and address potential risks.


The risk assessment and adaptation plan were designed to assess the organization’s ability to function under various hazard scenarios, and was used by the company to develop strategies for safeguarding ecosystems, employees, contractors, local communities, and business operations.

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