GHG Inventory & Carbon Offsets

BEST Service Pros

BEST Service Pros & Shredding provides document shredding and commercial cleaning for over 30 million square feet in buildings in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. They are committed to both environmental and operational excellence. They were named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte in 2015 through 2021. Ostrom Climate has conducted annual organizational GHG inventories for BEST for over 10 years, helping them to understand and track changes in their emissions over time.

Our Involvement

By building an extensive emissions history, Ostrom Climate was able to identify significant sources of emissions and collaborate with BEST to develop short-term and long-term reduction strategies.


BEST has added LED lighting for 80% of their office; weather-proofed their entrances; improved boardroom acoustics and hardware to encourage e-meetings and minimize air travel; adopted a natural light strategy for 87.5% of the office; upgraded their purchasing strategy for fleet vehicles; upgrading electrical systems, established car-packages to encourage staff to use efficient vehicles; and created a 10-stream waste diversion program. This has resulted in a 16% decrease in emissions per employee and will continue to provide environmental benefits in the years to come. To date, BEST has offset over 11,000 tonnes of CO2e with our Climate Action Portfolio. That’s the equivalent of removing over 2,300 gasoline-powered cars from the road for a year. In 2022, BEST switched from offsetting everything but their employee commute to offsetting 25% of their total footprint, and is committed to using the money saved to fund green initiatives that will further reduce their footprint. To offset 25% their footprint, BEST has purchased carbon offsets from Ostrom’s Climate Action Portfolio. 

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