Ostrom Projects

Explore a sample of our projects below to learn more about how we have worked
with our clients on better carbon management.

Mindoro Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Program

Center for Conservation Innovations (CCIPH), Philippines

Life Cycle Assessments of Three Products

Ballard Power Systems Inc.

Environmental Benefits Assessment

Routific Solutions Inc.

Environmental Benefits Assessment

Forward Water Technologies

Blue Carbon – Protocol Development

Great Bear Initiative Society

Denman Island Avoided Conversion Project

Denman Island Avoided Conversion/Deforestation

Carbon Project Feasibility Study

World Tree Technology Inc.

Environmental Benefits Assessment

Nano One Materials Corp.

Financial Stress Test

Undisclosed Mining Client

Laguna Seca REDD, Belize

The Forestland Group LLC

Climate Mitigation Roadmap

Undisclosed Mining Client

Brazil REDD Feasibility Study

Radicle and 413 Environmental LLC


UNEP DTU Partnership

Sector Best Practices and Benchmarking

Undisclosed Mining Client

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