GHG Inventory & Reduction Plan

Harbour Air Seaplanes

BC-based Harbour Air is the largest all-seaplane company in the world and a champion for action on climate change. Recognizing the impact that aviation has on the climate, Harbour Air was the first airline in North America to achieve carbon neutrality – and the only airline in the world to maintain carbon neutral status for over 14 years. Harbour Air partnered with Ostrom Climate in 2007 to understand their emissions, work to reduce them and offset the balance, making them a global leader in the fight to decrease emissions from aviation.

Our Involvement

Since 2007, Ostrom Climate has completed annual GHG inventories and bi-annual sustainability reports for Harbour Air. We helped them implement a greenhouse gas management plan, which included a Quality Management System for GHG accounting, monthly fuel usage tracking, sector best practices, and emissions reduction strategies.

Over the years, we have supported Harbour Air with infographics — that explain their accomplishments to date, a video – to talk about their carbon neutral journey, a video – that highlights their carbon offset and sustainability program, and an Ostrom Climate branded plane wrap – to get people talking about their carbon neutral program.


By implementing a mandatory offset purchase for their passengers, Harbour Air not only mitigated their carbon footprint but also increased their ridership by leveraging their company’s carbon neutral status. Since 2007, Harbour Air has offset more than 154,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions through the funding of energy efficiency, fuel-switching and improved forest management projects across the world.

Harbour Air has continued to innovate and inspire. At the end of 2019, the company made headlines for launching the World’s First Flight of a Fully Electric Commercial Aircraft—and is on its way to operating the world’s first all-electric commercial aircraft fleet. Harbour Air has set the bar for other airlines to match and is working towards a sustainable future.

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