Forest & Biodiversity Conservation Program

Center for Conservation Innovations (CCIPH), Philippines

Ostrom Climate was a partner of CCIPH in developing a REDD program straddling both the Occidental and Oriental provinces on the island of Mindoro.

Our Involvement

The work aimed to make the Mindoro REDD project a flagship program under its broader ‘Kasibulan’ sustainability program and was supported by the Ayala Corporation. Emissions reductions occurred through increased forest monitoring, provisioning of agricultural extension services, and other livelihood activities for several Mangyan tribes within the project area.


Ostrom Climate’s contributions to the partnership included providing technical guidance to the on-the-ground team on carbon quantification and modeling, theory of change design, benefit-sharing, and carbon finance. The project is in the process of being developed according to CCBA and VCS carbon project standards.

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