Life Cycle Assessment of Five Businesses

Vancity/LOCO BC

Vancouver City Savings Credit Union (Vancity) is a financial co-operative that is value-driven, and serves the needs of more than 534,000 member-owners and their communities throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. This project was part of a campaign to encourage consumers to shop locally, and was created by Vancity in partnership with LOCO BC. Ostrom Climate quantified the GHG benefits of five distinct products and provided strategies on how they can reduce their emissions from their supply chains.

Our Involvement

Climate benefits were quantified for five products sold by local companies, by comparing the GHGs associated with these products to similar products sold by multinational businesses. An LCA approach was used to evaluate the emissions in each life cycle of these products including raw material extraction, manufacturing, distribution, retailing, use and disposal.


In every case, the locally grown or made product resulted in a greenhouse gas reduction benefit (5% to 66%) compared to imported products. Vancity received media attention for the Shop Local campaign which showcased both the climate and economic benefits. In addition, local companies that participated were able to promote their businesses using the climate benefits report that Ostrom Climate prepared.


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