Blue Carbon Protocol Development

Great Bear Initiative Society

Since 2013, the members of the GBIS, the NCS, and their respective carbon management entities (the Great Bear Carbon Credit Limited Partnership (GBCCLP) & Nanwakolas Offset Limited Partnership (NOLP)) have expressed an interest in expanding the carbon program to include blue carbon projects in the region.

Our Involvement

Blue carbon projects focus on carbon captured in marine ecosystems, which in the Great Bear includes tidal wetlands, kelp forests, eelgrass meadows, and other coastal wetlands. They consist of the conservation of existing blue carbon ecosystems or restoration of areas that have been degraded or destroyed through human activities. For blue carbon projects to be developed, a protocol is required that outlines the quantification methodology a project must follow to determine how certain activities change the amount of carbon stored in a specific ecosystem and how much carbon dioxide (CO2) is removed from the atmosphere and sequestered over the long term. In addition, a protocol guides project developers on project eligibility, additionality criteria, potential reversals, leakage, and monitoring requirements. Ostrom Climate collects the data required to support the development of a blue carbon protocol.


Ostrom Climate manages the blue carbon project and conducts field research to support its development. Once all necessary data is collected, Ostrom Climate will draft a protocol with other blue carbon experts.

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