Great Bear Forest Carbon Project

Great Bear Rainforest

The Haida Gwaii and North and Central-Mid Coast Projects are two sub-projects of the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project. The HG Project area covers approximately 1 million hectares and the NCC project covers about 4 million. All are Improved Forest Management Projects that resulted from changes in land use management in the area. The North and Central Mid-Coast area is home to coastal wolves, grizzly bears, black bears and spirit bears (white black bears endemic to the region), and many different species of salmon. HG, however, does not have grizzly bears or spirit bears (they do have black bears). It has led to a reduction of 85% of harvesting in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Our Involvement

Ostrom Climate was involved in developing the project design documents, ensuring they met all requirements of the BC Carbon Program and FCOP. Since 2009, Ostrom Climate has managed all aspects of the carbon project, including all validations and verifications. They provide policy and project admin support to the Nanwakolas and the Great Bear Carbon Credit LP regarding all aspects of the carbon project. Ostrom Climate also acts as marketing and sales agents that sell Great Bear tonnes on the voluntary market.


All three sub-projects of the Great Bear are validated and verified, with over eight million tonnes verified through the BC Carbon Registry to date.

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