Great Bear Rainforest – South Central Coast


Great Bear is a BC-based forest carbon project that covers 55,000 hectares. It was validated and verified to VCS standard in 2011. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) used carbon finance to protect the area and protect it from being aggressively logged.

Our Involvement

Ostrom Climate developed the project design documents, ensuring that the documents met the BC Carbon Program and FCOP requirements. It has managed all aspects of the carbon project since 2009, including all validations and verifications. Ostrom Climate provides policy and project admin support to the Nanwakolas and the Great Bear Carbon Credit LP regarding all aspects of the carbon project. They also act as marketing and sales agents and sell Great Bear tonnes in the voluntary market.


All three of the sub-projects of the Great Bear are validated and verified. Tonnes were issued through the BC Carbon Registry, with over six million tonnes from Darkwoods verified to date.

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