Climate Mitigation Roadmap

Undisclosed Mining Client

Undisclosed Mining Client is a diversified base metals mining company primarily producing copper, nickel and zinc. When this project was completed, Undisclosed Mining Client had operations around the world. Ostrom Climate conducted a comprehensive assessment of Undisclosed Mining Client’s existing carbon management programs, and recommended actions to further reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions. The project also included the creation of Action Plans for each mine site to facilitate timely progress towards the company’s GHG reduction target, and strengthen energy and GHG management systems.

Our Involvement

Ostrom Climate conducted interviews with field personnel, visited one of the company’s largest mine sites, reviewed energy audit reports and GHG emissions calculations, and researched approaches being used by industry leaders, in order to evaluate the robustness of the client’s energy and emissions programs at the mines. We then projected emissions out to 2040, based on current GHGs and reduction programs, and recommended additional strategies that could be used to further reduce emissions.


Ostrom Climate provided recommendations and an action plan for each mine site, which highlighted the most economical and practical approaches for energy savings and GHG reductions. This was used by the company to budget and plan for future reduction strategies at each mine.

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