Quik’s Farm Ltd., BC, Canada

Carbon offset funds enabled the greenhouse operator to switch from burning coal and natural gas to include a biomass boiler to meet their heating needs. The use of this technology significantly reduces annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions relative to the baseline.

How it works

A biomass boiler burns solid fuels such as wood waste and wood pellets. This process releases no more CO2e into the air than would be released when the wood fibres decompose naturally. Because the biomass is collected from existing waste streams and displaces new consumption of natural gas, the displaced gas consumption constitutes an additional emissions reduction.

Offsets Made it Happen

Without offset funds, the financial payback for this installation would not have been viable and the greenhouse would have continued to use a conventional natural gas heating system. The installation is not common practice and yields savings in GHG emissions compared to the traditional approach. This also stands as a model for energy innovation and a switch to a lower carbon future.

Other Benefits of the Project

Beyond the direct climate benefits, this installation helps to reduce coal combustion, which has other environmental impacts such as mercury and benzene emissions. Both mercury and benzene are known carcinogens and it is crucial to make every effort possible to reduce human exposure to these harmful substances.

Project at Glance

Project Type :

Fuel Switch

Location :

Chilliwack, BC Canada

Estimated Annual Emission Reductions :

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