All of our projects are completed to the highest industry standards. This means that the emission reductions from our projects are additional, real, and permanent. Our projects are accredited by third parties and registered on highly respected registries to ensure that the risk of double counting is completely mitigated.

  • Strong requirements for safeguards, co-benefits & community consultation
  • ISEAL code compliant and aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • All projects independently verified by accredited third party auditors
  • One of the most widely used standards in the voluntary market
  • GS credits are registered and retired on the Gold Standard Registry
  • Developed by The Climate Group, the International Emissions Trading Association and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • Projects subject to desk and field audits by both qualified third parties and Verra staff
  • One of the most widely used standards in the voluntary market
  • VCS credits are registered and retired on Verra’s registry.
  • US-based offsets program working to ensure integrity and transparency in the North American carbon market
  • All CAR credits (called CRTs or ‘carrots’) must use CAR protocols, which are widely regarded to be among the highest quality standards for carbon reduction projects
  • CAR credits are registered and retired on the CAR registry.
  • First private voluntary greenhouse gas registry in the world, operated by Winrock International.
  • Operated to create confidence in environmental and scientific integrity of carbon offsets and inspire emission reduction actions
  • Endorsed by International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance (ICROA)
  • All ACR credits are registered and retired on the ACR Registry.
  • Developed by the British Columbia Government—the first jurisdiction in North America to introduce a carbon tax
  • Projects must be based in British Columbia
  • Projects must use protocols approved by the BC Ministry of Environment’s Climate Action Secretariat
  • All BC GGECR credits are registered and retired on the BC Carbon Registry.
If you are a business, municipality, or other organization, contact us to learn more about our climate designation program and what steps you can take to manage your organizational footprint.