Heqing Solar Cooker Project II

The Heqing Solar Cooker Project II is located in Zhangye, a rural area in northwestern China. It is an underdeveloped region that is an ideal location for utilizing solar energy, as it has many sunny days due to its high altitude. The project avoids ~143,750 tCO2e annually.

How it works

This project involves the installation of 49,000 solar cookers for residents in the area. The rated power of each solar cooker is 910 W and the total capacity of the project is 44.59 MW. Before using the new stoves, residents primarily used coal. With the stoves, residents were given access to harness the sun’s clean and reliable energy for their daily cooking and water boiling needs.

Offsets Made it Happen

The local government has made cutting wood and vegetation from nearby forests illegal, so using firewood is not an option for locals, and electricity is used only for lighting, no other household activities. Therefore, in the absence of the project, residents would have continued relying on coal-fired stoves for cooking and water boiling.

Other Benefits of the Project

Burning coal emits carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides which contribute to both smog and respiratory illnesses. Therefore the solar cookers not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also reduce the amount of smog in the region and contribute to improved air quality and human health.

The project contributes to sustainable development activities for the region and serves as a model for similar future projects. It promotes the use of clean energy in China and builds awareness of environmental protection.

Benefits include:

  • Providing rural residents with a clean, practical, and convenient way cook and boil water
  • Improving indoor air quality and hygiene for residents
  • Improving living conditions and quality of life for residents
  • Mitigating GHG emissions
  • Providing education and training on solar energy technology to the rural population

Project at Glance

Project Type :

Energy Industries (Renewable/Non-renewable Sources)

Location :

Gansu Province, China

Estimated Annual Emission Reductions :

143,762 tonnes of CO2e

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