Nature-Based Solutions

Avoided Conversion Project

The Denman Island Avoided Conversion of Forestlands Project encompasses 493 hectares of forest on the north-central part of Denman Island in British Columbia (BC). It was validated under ISO and the CCBA standard and achieved ISO verification and will generate 430,000 tC02e over the next 100 years. The site is also home to the federally endangered Taylor’s Checkerspot butterfly.

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newly planted trees in park

Ecosystem Restoration Program

The Community Ecosystem Restoration Program primarily targeted the reestablishment of native conifer and hardwood trees in pockets of degraded forest land within protected riparian zones and other types of parkland. It consisted of selectively removing small pockets of existing shrub vegetation (mainly the invasive Himalayan blackberry) and then planting long-lived, ecologically suitable native tree species, singly or in clusters of various shapes, and then enhancing the growth and survival of these trees using silvicultural best practices through to a free growing state. Planting projects were completing in Maple Ridge, Mission, City and Township of Langley, and a few Metro Vancouver Parks.

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