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Quadra Island Forestland Conservation Project

The project is located on Quadra Island, in the South Coast region of British Columbia. For nearly 20 years, BC Parks was in negotiations with the private landowners to purchase a 417.9 hectare (ha) area. In 2014, the project area was finally purchased by BC Parks, with carbon finance providing the final funds required for purchase. As a result, the project area is protected from all future logging and residential development. Conservation ensures the continued protection of several special features identified in the area. These include remnant Coastal Western Hemlock Western Very Dry Maritime (CWHxm2) second-growth forests, unique water and land-based recreation values, connectivity between two existing parks, and important cultural values.

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Avoided Conversion Project

The Denman Island Avoided Conversion of Forestlands Project encompasses 493 hectares of forest on the north-central part of Denman Island in British Columbia (BC). It was validated under ISO and the CCBA standard and achieved ISO verification and will generate 430,000 tC02e over the next 100 years. The site is also home to the federally endangered Taylor’s Checkerspot butterfly.

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BioREDD (Chemonics)

The BIOREDD+ program in Colombia began in 2011. It was funded by USAID and led by Chemonics International, OPTIM, and Fundacion Natura. Overall, the project invested $27.8 million USD in biodiversity, climate change mitigation (REDD) activities, and climate change adaptation in the Choco and Caribbean regions.

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