Case Studies

Aratu Fuel Switch Project

The Aratu Biomass Cogeneration Fuel Switch Project was developed by strategic partners Energias Renováveis do Brasil (ERB) and the Dow Chemical Company. Emissions reductions were realized through the switching from a natural gas fuel source to a biomass fuel source sourced from verified sustainable eucalyptus farms. The project was developed under the Dow-Rio 2016 Organizing Committee Carbon Partnership.

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water with mountain view

Quadra Island Forestland Conservation Project

The project is located on Quadra Island, in the South Coast region of British Columbia. For nearly 20 years, BC Parks was in negotiations with the private landowners to purchase a 417.9 hectare (ha) area. In 2014, the project area was finally purchased by BC Parks, with carbon finance providing the final funds required for purchase. As a result, the project area is protected from all future logging and residential development. Conservation ensures the continued protection of several special features identified in the area. These include remnant Coastal Western Hemlock Western Very Dry Maritime (CWHxm2) second-growth forests, unique water and land-based recreation values, connectivity between two existing parks, and important cultural values.

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Life Cycle Assessment of Five Businesses

Vancouver City Savings Credit Union (Vancity) is a financial co-operative that is value-driven, and serves the needs of more than 534,000 member-owners and their communities throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. This project was part of a campaign to encourage consumers to shop locally, and was created by Vancity in partnership with LOCO BC. Ostrom Climate quantified the GHG benefits of five distinct products and provided strategies on how they can reduce their emissions from their supply chains.

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