GHG Reduction Strategies & Target Setting

Harbour Airplane flying over Vancouver

GHG Inventory & Reduction Plan

BC-based Harbour Air is the largest all-seaplane company in the world and a champion for action on climate change. Recognizing the impact that aviation has on the climate, Harbour Air was the first airline in North America to achieve carbon neutrality – and the only airline in the world to maintain carbon neutral status for over 14 years. Harbour Air partnered with Ostrom Climate in 2007 to understand their emissions, work to reduce them and offset the balance, making them a global leader in the fight to decrease emissions from aviation.

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mining machinery in front of a sunset

Financial Stress Test

Undisclosed Mining Client is a diversified base metals mining company primarily producing copper, nickel and zinc. When this project was completed, Undisclosed Mining Client had operations around the world. Ostrom Climate conducted a financial stress test to evaluate the financial risks associated with climate change including new and increasing carbon taxes, escalating energy costs and fuel surcharges, and uncertainty regarding future regulatory requirements to address climate change.

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