Enivronmental Benefits Statement by Hemlock Printers

Carbon Neutral Printing Program

Hemlock Printers Ltd. (Hemlock) is one of the largest commercial printers in the Pacific Northwest and a leader in sustainable printing across North America. Maintaining a keen focus on craftsmanship and technical leadership as well as innovative sustainability initiatives, Hemlock has been carbon neutral since first offsetting their corporate footprint for 2007.
In a determined effort to take their commitment one step further, in 2009, Hemlock worked with Ostrom Climate to launch their ZERO Carbon Neutral Printing Program, which allows clients to offset emissions from their print jobs and render them carbon neutral as well.

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three mining trucks

Risk Assessment & Adaptation Plan

Undisclosed Mining Client is a diversified base metals mining company primarily producing copper, nickel and zinc. When this project was completed, Undisclosed Mining Client had operations around the world. Ostrom Climate managed the creation of a climate change risk assessment and adaptation plan, which identified areas of climate change vulnerability, and actions to reduce the likelihood and severity of impacts.

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