Carbon Neutral Car Warranties

GuardTree Inc.

GuardTree Inc. (GuardTree) is the only Canadian company to offer an affordable, high-quality subscription-model extended car warranty. They wanted to add a climate benefit to their program and worked with Ostrom Climate to develop a carbon neutral driving offering for their Pilot Program in Ontario.

Our Involvement


To establish the number of offsets needed per customer to provide carbon neutral driving, Ostrom Climate determined how much the average Canadian emits from driving a year. We then recommended guidance on high-quality offset projects to support their program. We worked with GuardTree’s marketing team to develop their promotional materials, website, and social media campaigns. For Earth Day 2021, GuardTree doubled their carbon offset purchases for all existing subscribers and new subscribers in April. 


GuardTree offsets 316.6 kg of CO2e per month for each subscriber to their program. During the pilot, GuardTree offset 83 tonnes – this is the equivalent of removing 18 gasoline-powered cars from the road for a year. This will continue to grow with each new subscriber.




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